Designer’s Statement

I am a watch designer currently working with stainless steel in my watch. My designs are based on and observations of organic shapes and forms but are the product of an emotional and formal process from drawings to finished designs. Shapes and forms are what it is all about for me. As a non-objective designer, the process of evaluating relationships is foremost in my mind. I am always thinking about the relationships between warm and cool, textured and busy, smooth and restful, or organic versus geometric. Organic shapes seem to dominate my work, so I think a lot about organizing those shapes. This appears to be a totally intuitive process. I have the confidence to let go and do what I feel is right, then evaluate the results and make adjustments as needed. There are frustrating times when things just are not working, but it is worthwhile when the process just flows and later you wonder how you achieved it. Those designs always seem to be the most rewarding in the long run.

It is exciting to make the shapes and forms that provide the energy for designing when something finally emerges. Dial Design As an emerging artist and designer, my passion for dial design is drawn to Contemporary and Modern American art. My work is steeped in the traditions of Abstract Expressionism, especially from the studied works of masters with paintbrush and brilliance in their minds. The work comes from my soul and from nature. My inspiration is linked to directness and to methods that transform experience into visual fact. The work is unpremeditated, always fresh and always new. It matters very much how my designs look, and it is just as important how they make me feel. Artistic Goal My main artistic goal is to create designs that give the buyer that exciting feeling of a “new discovery”, even years later. This may appear to be a somewhat simplistic philosophy, but throughout my career I have found it to be quite challenging. I did not consciously set out to make this my goal. In the early years I simply wanted to create designs that moved me as intensely as the designs of Vacheron, Choppard, Audemar Piguet, Piaget, etc. This goal revealed itself as I worked and lived with my designs, and continued to enjoy the designs of others. I strive to create designs that are rich on many levels; by that I mean rich in shape and form. My work is full of associations. You can see the movement of musical  progressions, the flow of water over a fall, the organic paintbrush of nature, etc. On a more formal level, it is rich in abstract design qualities, such as subtle color shifts, rhythmic textures, and painterly qualities, and a synergy arising from the interplay of the two or three-dimensional elements. This keeps me coming back to the creative moment again and again, where I am always being surprised at the discoveries to be made. I always learn from the art of design that my creative process is larger and more inclusive than my brain and ideas. When creativity happens, it always shows its mysterious and astonishing side, something, to which many, if not most, artists and designers will attest. Unexpected creative “events” are the glue that hold each artwork Gary L. Jamerson – Designer Of Fine Timewear

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