As executive chairman, I have great ambitions for Garlasons Group International. The purity of its watch designs, the complexity of their mechanisms and the company’s enthusiastic young history have captured my heart and my imagination. Creativity is the motivation of our activity. A watch must be an instrument with functionality and, at the same time, a piece of jewelry with an emotional value. The task of the watch designer is to reach the balance that will allow the watch to be both beautiful and useful. My mission, and that of the management, is to ensure that grace, artistry and the fascination of the GGI manufactured watch continue to fulfill the expectations of GGI’s enthusiasts from all over the world. On the one hand, we will create pieces that are ever more beautiful and desired in the best GGI tradition; on the other, we will selectively increase our production in an effort to meet the ever-growing demand. I could not wish for a better future for GGI. Gary L. Jamerson, President and Chief Executive Officer Garlasons Group International, A Watch Design Company